ON DEMAND WEBINAR – A New Mindset for Hadoop Data Governance Strategy

Organizations that adopt Hadoop at an enterprise level require a new approach and mindset to developing a Data Governance strategy. Hadoop changes the way that organizations ingest and store data, as well as how business partners access and use data.

In today’s data-driven organizations that are implementing strategies for real-time, self-service and advanced analytics, Data Governance becomes an enterprise challenge that requires accountability from both IT and Business leadership.

There is no one single tool or approach to Data Governance for Hadoop enabled enterprises. Rather, enterprises must coordinate a combination of tools, methodologies and organizational responsibilities that, when implemented in concert and applied with industry best practices, establish an optimal governance framework.

While these components can vary greatly from one company to another based on their specific business requirements, regulation requirements and organizational strategy, there are several pillars of Data Governance that provide a framework for big data that can be applied to any company.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar for A New Mindset for Hadoop Data Governance Strategy for discussion on:

  • Pillars of governance process for Data Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Standards
  • Where Data Governance occurs - data sharing and provisioning
  • Overview of best practices, frameworks, available tools and enterprise architectures for Hadoop Data Governance

Whether you are an enterprise data management professional or a consumer of data for analytical and scientific research, register now for a new mindset on data governance process for your Hadoop data lake.

Presented By

Shahab Kamal

EVP Client Management & Solution Engineering at Bitwise

Shahab works with client executives on IT strategy for business intelligence, Big Data, data warehousing and enterprise applications. He has advised clients in a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, media, publishing, insurance and ecommerce, assembling and managing onshore and offshore teams to execute their strategic goals.