Bitwise recently hit the road with Hortonworks for the Future of Data Roadshow. The events gave us a chance to share case studies on how our innovative data tools are being used to create value for our clients.

For example, our ETL Conversion tool solves a common pain area for many organizations looking to consolidate multiple platforms or migrate to newer tools, including big data technologies.

For organizations already implementing Hadoop, Hydrograph addresses challenges of integrating source systems with the data lake and performing ETL on Hadoop or Spark.

If you missed us on the road and you have a need for ETL-like functionality for your Hadoop data lake, check out our recorded webinar and see how Hydrograph simplifies data integration of big data workloads.



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ON DEMAND - Finally, Open Source ETL on Hadoop is Here…and it’s Easy
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Bitwise presents Hydrograph 'Open Source ETL on Hadoop' at Strata NY 2016

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